We Belong

from by Sats

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If you were a princess in times of old
I'd steal you away in the night oh so cold
We'd ride on horseback into the wild
Build a cottage from the ground
The next day we'd wake, glazed by love and the sun.

We'd be happy because we belong


Every memory of you, I'll keep in a tall ivory tower
And if you let your hair down, then I'll bring your favourite flowers
My heart is locked away safely
But I give you the key to break me
There's no dungeon or cave that could separate our souls

We'd be happy because we belong


Oh we belong, woah


I'd shoot the last tiger if it meant to do you harm
I'd lie to dreams and future, just to have you on my arm
So hold my hand just because
I want the world to know I'm in love
If my heart were the earth then you'd flood all the seas

We'd be happy because we belong


Whatever makes you cry
I'll burn it up from the ground to the sky
And if I make you smile, life will be worthwhile

I'll be happy because I belong


from Searching For Gold, released November 11, 2014


tags: pop London


all rights reserved


Sats London, UK

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